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Park features ocean view, and benches.

Oak Street Park (located above Oak Street Beach) features a nice grassy area for lounging or meeting with a group. There is a picnic table, trash cans and deck area at the park that overlooks the beach.

A tiny neighborhood park with a pine tree in the center and interesting public sculptures, this is a quiet spot for anyone looking for a break from the action.

Considered the most popular park in Laguna Beach, Heisler Park offers stunning views of the cliffs above the beach, with crashing waves below, is home to an array of native plants, and features art installations tucked away throughout the park. It…

Thalia Street Park (near Thalia Street Beach) features an ocean view and benches.

Ruby Street Park is tiny, but makes up for what it lacks in size with charm. The lush landscaping makes the park an ideal space for a picnic lunch near Woods Cove Beach.

From Alta Laguna Park, follow West Ridge, Mathis, Wood Canyon, and Cholla Trails (8 miles). This park with many interior trails offers every visitor amenities including water, restrooms, picnic area, children’s play area, and plenty of parking.…

Riddle Field and Park is in Boat Canyon is home to Laguna Beach Little League and has a well-kept playground and basketball courts.

Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park – Aliso Creek, Wood Canyons Trail (9 miles). This trail is categorized as easy skill level with a minimal elevation gain. Length of this trail is 9 total miles. This Wilderness Park is the largest park in…

This small park has benches and picnic tables.